Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Woman's Heart - week 4

We are a little behind schedule but we're not stopping until we're finished! It always takes us longer than the proposed 10 weeks to do one of these Bible studies but it is always worth it!

So the week 4 video segment was titled: "Hearts approaching the Alter". The homework the week before studied the alter in the tabernacle in detail. I'm telling you, this study is pretty difficult and it takes dedication to get throught the Old Testament reading. And if you have a weak stomach, I suggest you skip over the descriptions of the sacrifices! After gaining an understanding of the alter and the sacrifices, Beth directs us to the spiritual experience at the alter.

1. We will never be fre to fully experience God until our earthly kings crumble. Basically, whatever is between you and God must be confessed, forgiven, put aside to fully experience God.
2. We have never experienced God unless we have seen Him high and lifted up. This is a much more complex concept than it sounds. Our pastor spoke on this topic on Sunday and last night we watched a video of a message by Louise Giglio. Both messages centered on the majasty of God. But most importantly how we need to see the love He has for us. He created the heavens and the earth, has power we cannot even imagine and yet loves us and longs for us to love Him.
3. We almost never see God without also getting a sobering glimpse of ourselves. God's light is powerful and truthful, so the closer we get to Him, any flaws are going to be harder to hide. His purpose is for us to bring those flaws openly to Him so He can remove them from between us and Him.
4. Conviction is compulsory in God's presence.
5. Conviction is often very specific.
6. We are all cleansed by the same method: the blood of the acceptable, perfect sacrifice.
7. When God cleanses us from sin, we are completely clean.
8. The only way we can respond to God's call is individually. He knows us by name and calls us by name.

Her scripture for this message was Isaiah 6:1-8

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