Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It's Christmas!

This is what we heard shouted at 7:15 am this morning! They were so excited! Who isn't, especially at this age?

Santa brought Courtney a play kitchen, Kirsten got Woody, Jesse and Buzz and Jessica got season 2 of Gray's Anatomy. Santa also brought a play store for Courtney and Kirsten. They have played non-stop!

Once we got dressed, we headed over to my Dad's for more presents. The girls got clothes, movies and some toys. Then is was on to my Grandmother's for the feast! It wouldn't be Christmas without going to Grandma's for some good eatin' but it sure was crowded this year! My grandmother would never hear of doing this somewhere else. The crowd actually is part of what makes it "Christmas at Grandma's". As long as I can remember, that is the way it has been.

Christmas Eve

This was a relaxing day, at least it started out that way! We went to church, came home and pretty much did alot of nothing! I made a last run to Belk and Wal-Mart. Jessica had to work in the afternoon. We visited Mark's mom at the hospital and his Grandmother at her house. Once we got home, I gave the girls a bath and put them in their Christmas pjs. Once Jessica got home Mark read the Christmas story from Luke 2. Then us girls painted our toenails red! I think we'll do this every year. Then we attempted to get everyone asleep. Two certain little people did not like this idea and it was close to midnight before all were peacefully asleep!

Let the festivities begin!

Our official Christmas activities began on Saturday. Jessica was the best elf and baked some yummy desserts for us to take to Stacy and Tracy's house. Here is Kirsten licking the spoon (it is just melted chocolate!) Then it was off to Murfreesboro for some good food and family fun. It wasn't as festive as usual because Mark's mom is in the hospital so they weren't there.
We did have a special visitor - Santa! He brought small gifts for the kids. Jessica got a CD, Courtney got the Junie B. Jones Christmas book, and Kirsten got a tool set, which was a big hit!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

This sums it up!

The past few days have been a whirlwind! But I think the worst is over. Last night was our girl scout Christmas party and the Christmas party for the ladies at my church. Mark took the girls to the scout things and I went to church. Since I am the head of our ladies group and on the decorating committee at church, it is my job to decorate for the party. That is why I've been in a whirlwind!
Evidently, my business has rubbed off on Kirsten. This is her asleep on the arm of the couch. She goes until she drops! Yesterday when I picked her up from Mother's day out, her teacher told me that Kirsten had said she was exhausted a few times that day! I wonder where she learned that word?
I am going to try and make the rest of the month calm, if I can!

Trimming the tree

We actually got our decorations up Thanksgiving weekend. This has never happened! We're keeping it simple this year. The tree, the stockings and the nativity are pretty much it.

Photo shoot adventure

The day before Thanksgiving, we meet Mark's brother and his family at the Opryland Hotel to try and get a photo for the grandparents and for the Christmas card. With three small kids and two not-so-excited husbands, it was not an easy task! I think we might make this a tradition though! It felt good to get a card photo so early and seeing the decorations put me in the mood for the holidays.