Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It's Christmas!

This is what we heard shouted at 7:15 am this morning! They were so excited! Who isn't, especially at this age?

Santa brought Courtney a play kitchen, Kirsten got Woody, Jesse and Buzz and Jessica got season 2 of Gray's Anatomy. Santa also brought a play store for Courtney and Kirsten. They have played non-stop!

Once we got dressed, we headed over to my Dad's for more presents. The girls got clothes, movies and some toys. Then is was on to my Grandmother's for the feast! It wouldn't be Christmas without going to Grandma's for some good eatin' but it sure was crowded this year! My grandmother would never hear of doing this somewhere else. The crowd actually is part of what makes it "Christmas at Grandma's". As long as I can remember, that is the way it has been.

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TracieClaiborne said...

Love your pictures! That toe-nail shot is great!!! What a great idea! I love Kirsten's little "o" mouth in that Christmas morning picture. LOL Caroline wants them to come over here to play with her toys but it sounds like she would want to come there if she heard what all they got!!! LOL

Call me or I'll call you. Friday maybe?