Monday, October 24, 2005

Why I love blogs

Well, I was going to talk about our crazy weather (80 one day, 50 the next) but Tracie beat me to it! It is interesting how the weather effects our moods and production level. I haven't accomplished much today. Just some errands. I had to take Kirsten to the doctor, she has a touch of bronchitis. She doesn't act sick, just has a bad cough. So on to another random thought.

I spend way too much time reading various peoples blogs. And I will admit that I am a lurker most of the time (this applies to message boards also). So I asked myself,"Why are you sitting here wasting perfectly good time reading this?" Mark would say, "Because you're nosey!" That might be partly true but I think it is because it is a great way to get to know people. People who I would never meet face to face. People who live on the other side of the country but who have similiar experiences. Even the people I do know personally, a blog seems to give you a whole new view into their life and personality. I am a fairly introverted type of person and would never be able to ask the questions it would take to get some of the information shared on these blogs. I myself seem more at ease expressing my thoughts here rather than when I'm actually talking to someone. Some probably think blogs are keeping us from forming personal relationships but I think the opposite is true. I visit about 11 blogs regularly and I would feel comfortable talking to any of these women in person. If they read my blog, we could probably start a conversation like we were old friends.

I experience all ranges of emotions as I read these sometimes daily accounts. It's almost like a good novel, except about real people. A Veggie Tales quote popped into my head as I was thinking about this. Larry the cucumber says to Bob the tomato, "I laughed, I cried, it moved me, Bob!" when asked his opinion about a show. Sometimes it's a little unnerving to see intimate glimpses of peoples lives but I think that adds to the specialness of this blog world. Thanks everyone for sharing your lives!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

It's a good thing!

I have been taking my film to Target to be processed and have been very happy with the results. I always get 4 x 6 doubles with matte finish. After going to Gentry Farm last week, I took my film to Target and decided to order the photo cd along with my prints. This added about $3.00 but I thought I would see if it was worth it. I have to say it bridges the gap between film and digital. I put in the disk and it loaded the Kodak EasyShare software. Already I can see how much better this software is compared to what I have with my so called digital camera. I'm really excited to have this option. Maybe now it won't seem so difficult to order some enlargements. (I know it's not that difficult, I'm just lazy! LOL!) My next mission is to talk Mark into a good printer.

So this picture is from our day at Gentry Farm and was taken by my good friend Tracie. I will burn you copies of the other pics, Tracie! I didn't really get any awesome shots but it was a fun trip.

Friday, October 14, 2005

I like fixing things

Let me start by saying, "Where does the time go?" I can't believe it's been a week since I last posted. Sorry! We have been busy! With Courtney being on fall break, our schedule is not as predictable as usual. We have gone on two field trips to Breeden's Orchard and Gentry Farm. We had a sleepover with our good friends Tracie and Caroline. Mark was out of town for 3 days. And there was a band contest last Saturday.

So, I like to fix things. The dishwasher picture shows a blue tube that I replaced recently and yesterday I fixed the faucet on Mark's sink. The aerator had to be replaced. That's the piece where the water comes out. Pretty simple stuff actually! I can remember fixing things when I was younger like jewelry or toys. I like putting things together also. And I do read the directions! I am going to try and do more of this handy-girl kind of stuff around here. There's no reason to wait for Mark to do something that I can do and enjoy doing!

Now if I could just enjoy laundry, housework, and cooking, I would be the perfect wife!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Halloween is coming!

We had a fun day yesterday shopping with Tracie and Caroline for Halloween costumes. Courtney had made up her mind that she wanted to be Tinkerbell and I decided for Kirsten that she would be Minnie Mouse. We went to Party City, two Halloween stores, and Target before ending up a the Disney Store. I had seen last week that their costumes were on sale 25% off. Caroline wasn't set on a certain costume but when she tried on the Snow White one it was obvious that was the one. She looked perfect! I was thrilled that they had shoes to go with Courtney's costume. And she loved the way it all looked together. I wasn't sure about Kirsten's because she was at Mother's Day Out but as you can see it fits great! I told Tracie that I wasn't sure about her wearing the ears but she left them on for a long time yesterday afternoon. They didn't have her size in the shoes so I have to find some shoes for her. I'll probably get some black Mary Janes, she needs those anyway.
Our next item on the Halloween preparation list is to get out the fall decorations. I'll probably do that Monday. I need to clean this house before I can decorate it!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Homecoming Activities

We just experienced Homecoming Week in Green Wave Country. Actually the high school has been celebrating all week, the community joined in on Friday. They have a different dress up day, such as Patriotic Day, School Spirit Day and Formal Day. Friday there was a special assembly during the day which is pretty boring and the same year after year. School dismisses early in a special way. The band walks through the halls playing the fight song to let everyone know it's time to go. I always loved this little ritual. Jessica called me after they did it on Friday to remind me that this was her last time to play in the halls.
Then it's off to get ready for the parade. Everyone lines up at the high school then parades through town to the football stadium. The band is in the parade, of course. The football players and cheerleaders ride various vehicles. Each class usually has a float. This was a big deal back in our day but not so now. This back view of the band marching down the street was all I got on my digital because the batteries died. I got more on my SLR. Kirsten didn't care too much for the whole thing. Courtney enjoyed it and saw several of her friends with various cheer squads and pee wee football teams.
Once they get to the stadium, they just hang out until time for the game. The teachers put together a nice reception for the parents of Seniors so I went to that and talked with some other parents about the highs and lows of this last year of high school.
The game started at 7:30 after a parade of the homecoming court and distiguished alumni. Gallatin played Antioch and won 13 - 6. It's always a good thing to win on Homecoming. The night turned just chilly enough to feel like football weather. I didn't get any hot chocolate though, just wasn't in the mood for some reason.
It was a fun day. Just another reminder of the fast passage of time!