Monday, October 24, 2005

Why I love blogs

Well, I was going to talk about our crazy weather (80 one day, 50 the next) but Tracie beat me to it! It is interesting how the weather effects our moods and production level. I haven't accomplished much today. Just some errands. I had to take Kirsten to the doctor, she has a touch of bronchitis. She doesn't act sick, just has a bad cough. So on to another random thought.

I spend way too much time reading various peoples blogs. And I will admit that I am a lurker most of the time (this applies to message boards also). So I asked myself,"Why are you sitting here wasting perfectly good time reading this?" Mark would say, "Because you're nosey!" That might be partly true but I think it is because it is a great way to get to know people. People who I would never meet face to face. People who live on the other side of the country but who have similiar experiences. Even the people I do know personally, a blog seems to give you a whole new view into their life and personality. I am a fairly introverted type of person and would never be able to ask the questions it would take to get some of the information shared on these blogs. I myself seem more at ease expressing my thoughts here rather than when I'm actually talking to someone. Some probably think blogs are keeping us from forming personal relationships but I think the opposite is true. I visit about 11 blogs regularly and I would feel comfortable talking to any of these women in person. If they read my blog, we could probably start a conversation like we were old friends.

I experience all ranges of emotions as I read these sometimes daily accounts. It's almost like a good novel, except about real people. A Veggie Tales quote popped into my head as I was thinking about this. Larry the cucumber says to Bob the tomato, "I laughed, I cried, it moved me, Bob!" when asked his opinion about a show. Sometimes it's a little unnerving to see intimate glimpses of peoples lives but I think that adds to the specialness of this blog world. Thanks everyone for sharing your lives!

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TracieClaiborne said...

I thoroughly agree! I love reading blogs. It's really taken over as my internet addiction, almost replacing msg boards. Blogs are just so personal. I also cry and laugh out loud. Do you read Tara Whitney's? I always cry at hers!