Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Halloween is coming!

We had a fun day yesterday shopping with Tracie and Caroline for Halloween costumes. Courtney had made up her mind that she wanted to be Tinkerbell and I decided for Kirsten that she would be Minnie Mouse. We went to Party City, two Halloween stores, and Target before ending up a the Disney Store. I had seen last week that their costumes were on sale 25% off. Caroline wasn't set on a certain costume but when she tried on the Snow White one it was obvious that was the one. She looked perfect! I was thrilled that they had shoes to go with Courtney's costume. And she loved the way it all looked together. I wasn't sure about Kirsten's because she was at Mother's Day Out but as you can see it fits great! I told Tracie that I wasn't sure about her wearing the ears but she left them on for a long time yesterday afternoon. They didn't have her size in the shoes so I have to find some shoes for her. I'll probably get some black Mary Janes, she needs those anyway.
Our next item on the Halloween preparation list is to get out the fall decorations. I'll probably do that Monday. I need to clean this house before I can decorate it!


TracieClaiborne said...

I've also been waiting on the decorating process due to messiness. ha! We're just alike.

They look so cute!!! I can't wait until Halloween!! Yay! I'm so glad that fit K. We went back today and got the shoes. How could we not? They had gotten in a new shipment with her size so that was great! Yesterday when I called, they were out. Whew!

Of course while we were there, Caroline started picking out Christmas gifts. She always get a big list going about now. She already has her letter to Santa written. Today she put it in her "safe special place." ha!

See ya in the mornin'!

t.hatcher said...

How fun about the costumes! I miss the days when Kelsey would dress up as something cute that I had control over. (You know I'm a control freak, right?) The girls look adorable and I can already envision the fabulous pics you'll get that night. Be sure you share some Halloween pics when you get them!