Friday, February 23, 2007

Movin' Slow

Courtney, Mark and I are moving slow this morning. Mark got home very late last night from a work trip filled with mishapes, such as delayed flights, bumped hotel reservations and car rental issues.

Courtney and I are sluggish because we went roller skating with the Girl Scout troop last night. A new skating rink opened here so we thought we would try it out. Courtney finally got the hang of it 15 minutes before we had to leave. But she is in no hurry to go back! Her bottom is sore from all the falls. Kirsten really enjoyed it and can't wait to go again. Kirsten and I had a nasty fall at one point. I have a bad bruise on my knee, one elbow is pretty sore and I have a carpet burn on my hand from the carpeted wall we ran into. She bumped her head on the floor and it started to swell last night but this morning there is just a little red spot. She says it hurts when she touches it. My body has that general ache all over from trying to hold them both up all night! Jessica came in town and met us there. She was a great help with Kirsten while I tried to get Courtney on her wheeled feet! I wouldn't be able to walk today if I had had to drag them both around all night! I took some pictures but with my film camera so I can't share them yet. I didn't want to risk a fall with my digital!

Overall it was a good experience. I enjoyed sharing something from my childhood and they were impressed with my skating ability (which has suffered greatly from lack of use). We might have to get us all a pair of skates now!

Monday, February 19, 2007

A new adjective

Sorry I haven't updated this blog in so long and sorry to start back with a complaint! My new adjective isn't really new. The way I am going to choose to use it is new. "Comcastic" now means the opposite of it's intended meaning. To me, "Comcastic" equals crap, unreliable, horrible, frustrating, you get the idea. A few months ago, we down graded to have the limited basic service with the family tier. This required Comcast to come out and install one of their oh-so-attractive boxes to our TV. Ever since then, our service has been anything BUT "Comcastic" (their definition).

This is also my new swear word. I don't say ugly words but do, occasionally feel the anger and frustation that causes some people to throw out the explitives. So instead of saying, "That really 'stinks' (our whatever is your choice word)! I will now say, "That is really Comcastic !", in a sarcastic tone of course.

So if you hear this coming from me, you'll know what I mean!