Monday, July 31, 2006

Second Grade

Again, I am amazed by the passage of time! Courtney started the SECOND grade today! We had fun preparing for the last week with the purchasing of the school supplies (gotta love new school supplies!) and a new lunch purse and deciding what to wear. The excitement has been mounting and we got in the bed later last night than I would have liked.

But, we all woke up a bit earlier than usual, so it was a nice, slow-paced morning. I had hoped it would go smooth! Courtney has been ready to go back to school since we got back from Disney! But as the morning progressed, I could tell she was feeling a bit nervous! It is a short, 5 minute drive to her school, which we spent trying to explain to Kirsten that only Courtney was going to school today and she would be able to go when she is 5. So, we get to the school and it is a crazy first morning with all the parents and their bags of school supplies and their cameras. So, we took pictures, kissed and hugged a dozen times, waved from the door five times and finally left.

Kirsten and I are going to go back and eat lunch with her later!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Fun Day!

We had a fun day yesterday with Tracie and Caroline. We went to the Lebanon splash pool. This is our second time going and both times it has not been crowded and the girls had a great time. Kirsten enjoyed it a bit more this year than last year! This place is a great secret, especially since it is free! We kept asking ourselves, "Why don't we come here more often!?"

Monday, July 10, 2006

Lazy Days of Summer!?!

A friend commented to me the other day, "So, what are those lazy days of summer people talk about?" Nothing lazy about our days so far!
We headed to Disney 4 days after Courtney got out of school.
We were home for a week - lazy for the girls, not for me with the catching up from being gone for a week.
Then Mark and I had to go to Virginia for 4 days to help my mother with some things (not a good situation, we will have to go back soon).
We spent this weekend at church getting ready for Vacation Bible School to start tonight. So this week we have VBS every night.
Some out of town friends are supposed to be visiting this weekend.
We have made zero preparations for Jessica moving to Chattanooga, so that's on the to do list. Courtney goes back to school in 21 days!
So, "Lazy Days of Summer" is a phrase that does not exist, at least not at our house!