Wednesday, May 24, 2006


We made it! Or better yet, Jessica made it! It was a whirlwind weekend. Here it is Wednesday, and I'm just now posting this! I guess that gives you a better idea of my state of mind!

The ceremony was just like any other graduation. Those of you who are local have probably heard about the valadictorian controversy but other than that, it was pretty normal! I missed the shot of Jessica actually getting her diploma. It was crazy! I wasn't standing in the right place, the mom beside me was freaking out about her flash not working and they were reading the names WAY too fast! Anyway, I've been sick ever since over not getting that shot!

Then the family came over on Saturday. That was fun. My mother was here visiting so it was a little interesting having her family and my father's family together but everyone was civil!

Now I have to start thinking about Jessica going to college. No, I won't think about that today! The past few days we have spent cleaning out her room, packing away stuff and throwing out stuff (there are 4 large trash bags full so far) and sorting stuff to get rid of. She seems to be having a harder time than me!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Just another step toward the big graduation. Just another reminder of how fast time flies. When Jessica came out of her room, all ready, Mark said, "Could you go back in there and not look so grown up?" Then he gave her a hug and told her she was beautiful.

Jessica and Jamie both looked great! It was a stressful day of make-up, hair and getting it all together but the end result was worth it.

Monday, May 08, 2006

more shots

Photo Shoot

"Waiting Until the Last Minute" should be the story of my life. Here we are 2 weeks before Graduation and we are just doing a Senior photo shoot. Jessica didn't like any of the photos they took at school (no surprise) so we thought we would do our own to send with the announcements.

This shot is a la Tara Whitney. My family doesn't appreciate the artistic angle. Oh, well, this one's for me!

I took 91 photos! That doesn't count the ones I deleted along the way! Gotta love digital for that freedom!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Field Trip

Wednesday Courtney, Kirsten and I took a field trip to the Frist Center in Nashville. I wasn't sure how the girls were going to receive this little outing but it actually turned out well.

They have a wonderful exhibit of Impressionist art right now. I enjoyed that more than they did so needless to say we didn't stick around there too long.

They also have a wonderful exhibit for children called ArtQuest. It is a total interactive, hands on kind of exhibit. There are different stations that teach about different art mediums and different art concepts. They were able to draw with pencils, learn about line, texture and shape. They made a mask and another three dimensional project. They used watercolors and oil pastels. And they made a printed design on cloth.

It was a bit over Kirsten's head and Courtney probably would have gotten more out of it if Kirsten hadn't been there. But I thought it was worth it. All you homeschoolers (and others) out there, this is a great field trip!

Monday, May 01, 2006

A little scrappin' this weekend!

I got to do a little scrappin' this weekend, finally! The CK convention was in town but I decided I didn't want to go this year. Lack of funds for one reason and feeling a need to use what I have for another. But my favorite store, Scrap It! had some great activities planned.

Friday night, Mark and I ate at Bellacino's (lovin' their subs!) then flipped over to Scrap It! Mark sat in the car while I shopped and did Jenni Bowlin's make and take (the cute flower). She is a fun person and very creative. I would love to sign up for her monthly kit some time.

Saturday, we had a soccer game at 11:00. Then the girls and I went shopping for some jewelry for Jessica for prom. Last week it was the shoes. Why is this so hard? After walking around Opry Mills TWICE, she finally settled on something. She tried it all on when we got home and she is happy with the results. Then Saturday night I went back to Scrap It! for some more make and takes. The mini album was from Li'l Davis and they also gave great kits of their product in exchange for some unwanted items from our stash. They are going to give the donations to the Ronald McDonald House. The mini page was from Dulce, a new line at Scrap It! It was fun to play with some new product and be around scrappers! I wish I could do it more often!

Thanks Scrap It!