Wednesday, May 24, 2006


We made it! Or better yet, Jessica made it! It was a whirlwind weekend. Here it is Wednesday, and I'm just now posting this! I guess that gives you a better idea of my state of mind!

The ceremony was just like any other graduation. Those of you who are local have probably heard about the valadictorian controversy but other than that, it was pretty normal! I missed the shot of Jessica actually getting her diploma. It was crazy! I wasn't standing in the right place, the mom beside me was freaking out about her flash not working and they were reading the names WAY too fast! Anyway, I've been sick ever since over not getting that shot!

Then the family came over on Saturday. That was fun. My mother was here visiting so it was a little interesting having her family and my father's family together but everyone was civil!

Now I have to start thinking about Jessica going to college. No, I won't think about that today! The past few days we have spent cleaning out her room, packing away stuff and throwing out stuff (there are 4 large trash bags full so far) and sorting stuff to get rid of. She seems to be having a harder time than me!


TracieClaiborne said...

Hi lovey! So sorry you missed your shot!! I know it's totally not the same but at least you DID get some great shots of her on prom night and in her cap and gown. That other one you posted of her today is fab!!!

TracieClaiborne said...

BTW, I won't be able to tell anyone that one of my best friends has a kid in college. That makes me sound way too old! LOL!!!!

Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

she looks great! : )