Friday, May 05, 2006

Field Trip

Wednesday Courtney, Kirsten and I took a field trip to the Frist Center in Nashville. I wasn't sure how the girls were going to receive this little outing but it actually turned out well.

They have a wonderful exhibit of Impressionist art right now. I enjoyed that more than they did so needless to say we didn't stick around there too long.

They also have a wonderful exhibit for children called ArtQuest. It is a total interactive, hands on kind of exhibit. There are different stations that teach about different art mediums and different art concepts. They were able to draw with pencils, learn about line, texture and shape. They made a mask and another three dimensional project. They used watercolors and oil pastels. And they made a printed design on cloth.

It was a bit over Kirsten's head and Courtney probably would have gotten more out of it if Kirsten hadn't been there. But I thought it was worth it. All you homeschoolers (and others) out there, this is a great field trip!

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