Monday, May 01, 2006

A little scrappin' this weekend!

I got to do a little scrappin' this weekend, finally! The CK convention was in town but I decided I didn't want to go this year. Lack of funds for one reason and feeling a need to use what I have for another. But my favorite store, Scrap It! had some great activities planned.

Friday night, Mark and I ate at Bellacino's (lovin' their subs!) then flipped over to Scrap It! Mark sat in the car while I shopped and did Jenni Bowlin's make and take (the cute flower). She is a fun person and very creative. I would love to sign up for her monthly kit some time.

Saturday, we had a soccer game at 11:00. Then the girls and I went shopping for some jewelry for Jessica for prom. Last week it was the shoes. Why is this so hard? After walking around Opry Mills TWICE, she finally settled on something. She tried it all on when we got home and she is happy with the results. Then Saturday night I went back to Scrap It! for some more make and takes. The mini album was from Li'l Davis and they also gave great kits of their product in exchange for some unwanted items from our stash. They are going to give the donations to the Ronald McDonald House. The mini page was from Dulce, a new line at Scrap It! It was fun to play with some new product and be around scrappers! I wish I could do it more often!

Thanks Scrap It!


Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

Hi Jennifer! we've never met but i wanted to say hello.
found you on hollye's blog.
love your entry about a woman's heart! i hope to do another beth moore study soon. i'm doing one right now that is not quite as in depth but goes well with everything she teaches. your scrappy projects are great!!

Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

hi again Jennifer!
the bible study is great... definitely one that you even get more out of with discusion among each other. it is short about 5-6 weeks +, and it would be really easy to lead. there are no video segments or anything. i'm enjoying it and i will probably talk more about it in a blog entry. i think it's a great study for any mother.
the books are only about 5$ too, so that is a plus. i believe they chose it for the same kind of reason you are talking about... something easy for the busy end of the school year time. :)