Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Fair!

We attended the Sumner County fair last night. Lucky for us, the heat had let up a bit but it was still pretty hot!

We went with Mark's dad, Mark's brother and his wife and their son, Lucas. Everyone had a great time with the rides and games. Of the three kids, Kirsten was the most fearless! She wanted to ride everything! She was most excited about the ferris wheel. The other two had no interest! Courtney's favorite thing was the games. And Lucas seemed pretty happy with everything!

It is interesting to watch our kids experience something that we all experienced as children. There aren't many of those moments left! All of us adults agreed that the rides and the fair itself seemed much bigger when we were small!

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TracieClaiborne said...

Fun! Kirsten is so fearless. LOL

I've never been to that fair. I didn't even realize it had already happened! Duh!

We're going to the Wilson Cty. Fair in two weeks with a big group again. I love the Fair! I wish it were in the Fall though. Too hot right now!