Friday, September 15, 2006

Princesses On Ice

Last night, Courtney, Kirsten and I went to Princesses on Ice with Lucas and Tracy. I really was expecting it to be cheesey but I was pleasently surprised! Disney really know how to put on a show! My only complaint is that the merchandise was WAY overpriced. They had these really cute mugs that had a lid and straw. They had them filled with a snowcone and they were $12.00!!! What! All the merchandise was stuff I had never seen before and all so expensive!

The kids were very impressed with the show. They ohhed and ahhed and clapped and sang! It was a treat just to watch them. Kirsten now wants to learn how to ice skate. The child has no fear!

So, my finial review of Princesses on Ice was that the show was all first class and well worth the time spent!

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Erin Timmis said...

HI Jennifer...I found your blog through Tracie's. We went to Disney on Ice today and my 5 year old loved it. My pictures turned out awful and I am so disappointed. Could I possibly buy copies of your pictures ? My e-mail is and we live in Bellevue. Thank you. I enjoy reading your blog.
Erin Timmis