Sunday, February 19, 2006

Our Weekend

Mark, Jessica and I spent Thursday night, Friday and Saturday in Chattanooga looking at two schools there. It didn't help us make any decisions but it was fun spending the weekend together.

The first school we visited was Tennessee Temple University. This is a school to watch. It's not right for Jessica at this point because they don't have her major but in a few years it's going to be fabulous. First of all it's a Christian school which makes the environment very inviting. Their president is full of passion and dedication and I have no doubt he will accomplish all he is planning on. I do wish we were a few more years down the road so that it would be a serious option for Jessica. She got to stay in the dorms and experience "dorm life". She said it was more like church camp than what she pictured college being like. I would love for her to go to a Christian school but she wants to major in Biology and go into forensics. That field is getting pretty competative and she needs to go to the best school for that field. We just have to pray that she attaches herself to Christian friends and makes the right decisions.

Then we visited UT Chattanooga. I like it a lot better than UT Knoxville. It is smaller. Most of the buildings are newer. There was just a different attitude all around there in comparison to Knoxville. The dorm choices were better than at Knoxville and the campus is more compact. It would be very easy to walk to where ever you needed to go. Jessica seemed to like it too.

So, we are still undecided. I'm sure if and when we get letters of acceptance that we will have some decisions made for us.

I would love for her to experience to college life but I am certainly not ready for her to leave home and for me to not know what she is doing at all times. But we all have to grow up some time!

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TracieClaiborne said...

Glad it's you and not me!!!! I'm planning on keeping Caroline locked in the house 'til she's 40. hehe

I loved hearing about your trip and I can't wait to see ya tomorrow. Let's just skip Hobby Lobby and stay home and scrap. I am in a scrappy mood. :)