Tuesday, April 03, 2007

An update

Again, time flies faster than you realize! Other than everyday life there have been a couple of highlights for the last month.
First, we celebrated our nephew, Lucas's 6th birthday at this great indoor pool in Murfreesboro. The girls had a great time and we went again last week. I imagine we will have several more visits this summer.

Then, while Jessica was home for spring break. Mark and I got away for a couple of days. It was very relaxing but too short!

Last week and this week is spring break for most of the kids around here. Last Friday we made a visit to the zoo. The Nashville Zoo is not the greatest but they are making improvements and once their plan is completed I think it will be a lot better. Our only complaint about our visit is that it was dang hot!

This weekend was our Webb family get together for Easter. We had a good meal and the kids had an egg hunt. It was a beautiful day! I'm glad we did it a week early since it looks like Easter will be chilly!

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TracieClaiborne said...

Now you update your blog after I already know all of this. ha-ha!!!

You need to blog more!