Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Our new pet

Meet Snowflake. She is a cute, white poodle. Courtney adopted her this weekend thanks to an enabler friend of mine (thanks Lori). Anyway, evidently this is the latest craze. These little stuffed animals called Webkinz. You purchase one of these adorable pets at your local Hallmark store or gift shop for a mire $10. Each animal comes with a special code. You go to and registure your pet. Magically it comes alive on your computer! You are then sucked into the webkinz world. In this world, your pet is given a room. You must then purchase items for this room and decorate it. You can buy floors, walls, furniture and accessories. You must also purchase food, toys, games and clothing for your pet to keep her happy and healthy. You purchase all these things with kinzkash which you earn by playing games, answering trivia and performing a job everyday.

I wasn't too thrilled about this at first but I can't let Courtney feel left out, can I? But it is actually pretty fun! Courtney loves it! Oh, another thing. Once your friends all get their pets online, you can talk to each other and have your pets play with each other online. We haven't tried this feature yet but I'm sure it won't be long.

We'll see how long this trend lasts!

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