Monday, December 17, 2007

The cards are in the mail!

Well, I got our Christmas cards in the mail today. Better late than never, I suppose. One week before Christmas is better than after Christmas (which I did one year)!

I encluded this blog address in some of the cards to out of town folks. Hopefully that will help me keep this up to date!

I am currently feeling the holiday stress. One week until the big day and there is so much I still want to do. But I'm feeling exhausted. The past 5 days have just about done me in. I had planned on getting our shopping done this weekend. But Wednesday, Courtney came home from school with a rash. I took her to the doctor who couldn't identify it, so she labeled it "viral". I am halfway convinced that she had a mild case of the chicken pox but who knows. Then Thursday night, Kirsten started running a fever and coughing. The fever lasted until Saturday afternoon, but she still has the cough and so does Courtney. Friday, on the way to work, Mark notices something weird going on with his right eye. He leaves work early to start a 6 hour long journey to find out that he has a torn retina. So, they schedule emergency surgery for Saturday morning. All day Saturday was spent at the hospital. The surgery went great but he is out of commission for a while.

So here I am stressed about when and how I am going to get everything done! I know it will all come together but that thought isn't slowing my heart rate at the moment!

More later!

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TracieClaiborne said...

When it rains, it pours, huh?
I hope everyone gets better soon.