Tuesday, November 01, 2005

This is obscene!

As you can see Halloween was successful for the Webb girls! You can't really get a great idea about how much candy Courtney and Kirsten got but let me tell you it is unreal! The chocolate pile alone will fll a Wal-Mart sack to the top! There is 131 pieces of chocolate! That would take us a month to eat if each of us ate one piece a day! From the chocolate, clockwise, you have the misc. pile, which is cookies, cracker, etc. Then you have the sucker pile and then the fruity pile (Skittles, Sweet Tarts, etc.). What am I going to do with all this candy? It might still taste good by January but I don't even know where I'm going to put it. There must be an organization for children who don't get to go Trick or Treating that I can send this to. I guess Mark will be taking a pile to work. This is just crazy! But at least the chocolate pile is the biggest. I usually eat more than my share anyway but I don't think that is going to make much of a difference here.

I am going to try and take a picture a day for November and December (thanks Tracie for the inspiration!) and I think this is the one for November 1st. "The Day After" or something to that affect.


TracieClaiborne said...

Hope you have better luck than me with the pic a day! I did great until about the 15th and then I just plain forgot! Duh!!!!!

I am cracking up b/c we also separated our candy into piles. (Mike's idea.) Ours is obscene. I'm going to start throwing it out, one piece a day until it's gone. Seriously. Either that or I gain 10 lbs. b/c I can't stop eating it!!!!!!

TracieClaiborne said...

PS - "the fruity pile" - I know some people who would fit into that pile. ha!