Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas Art

Tracie and Caroline came over the other day so that we could have a little Christmas celebration. Courtney and Caroline made these cute ornaments (with some glue gun help). They exchanged gifts and played together. I love that they love each other and love playing together. We really need to make the effort to get together more often. I also enjoyed talking with Tracie. That is another reason we need to get together more!

I just got home from my final shopping. I hope! I had to go to Wal-Mart and that was a zoo! I am going to try and get my shopping done before this point next year. I did real good getting prepared and getting in the Christmas spirit this year. But for some reason the whole gift buying thing was harder this year. Well, I have to get wrapping! Have a wonderful Christmas!

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TracieClaiborne said...

I'm also going to try and get my shopping done earlier next year. Like by Halloween. ha!

It's been crazy this year! Thanks for giving us those ornaments. They were fun!!!

Love you!