Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Roller Skates

This is a spin off of Tracie's blog, hope that's okay! She and Caroline went roller skating the other day. Her post sent me down memory lane! I loved to roller skate from the age of 8-9 until about 13 -14. Before the skates I rode my bike everywhere but I enjoyed the skates more. I saved up my money and bought my own pair of sneaker skates, very similiar to the picture here. Mine were all blue and I did have baby blue pom-poms (with bells) for a while. (Unbelivably I don't think I have a picture of them or me in them! What was my mother thinking?) They didn't hold up very well, if I remember correctly. I remember how my feet would tingle after skating on a rough surface like the sidewalk or road. The best surface I found is a tennis court. It feels like you are skating on velvet but it does slow down the speed some. We had a skating rink here and I would spend Sunday afternoons there with my friends. I went on Friday night once and it was scary! This being a small town (it was even smaller back then) the skating rink was about the only place to hang out. The rough crowd didn't show up on Sunday afternoons! So there I was! I never got enough. I never learned anything daring or spectacular. I loved the little cross over move you had to make to go around curves and I was thrilled when I learned to skate backwards. Thanks for the trip Tracie! And for reminding me that I need to share this with the two youngest. Jessica had skates when she was younger (I have pictures!) But didn't seem to embrace it like I did.
And in my opinion, ice skating is not quite the same! The last time I tried that I hurt for days from muscles I didn't even know I had! But roller skates rock!

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Tracie said...

Well I hurt for days from roller skating but it was fun, fun, fun!!! I can't wait for us to go together. Let's definitely do it the week after Christmas. Great post!