Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Woman's Heart - session 1

We had our second Bible study meeting last night. It was technically session 1 as last week was the introduction.

The video segment was centered on the word "covenant" and what that means to us and why God made covenants with man. Two of the first covenants God made with man were with Adam and with Abram. The covenant with Adam occured when He created Eve and instituted the covenant of marriage. The covenant with Abram occured when He promised Abram that his decendants would be more numerous than the stars.

Beth sites three major purposes of the first covenant:

1. The ultimate purpose: to reveal Christ and His Bride
2. The corporate purpose: to produce godly offspring
3. The intimate purpose: to no longer be alone

"God will confront us with our need to show us He is the only answer to that need."

Characteristics of the enemy of every Godly covenant:

1. His chief goal is to make us doubt God's word.
2. He is a liar.
3. He often appeals to man through the beautiful and inviting.
4. His certain end is destruction.

What can we learn about our relationship with God from Genesis 3?

1. Women were created with a unique power of influence.
2. Believers must learn to apply Matthew 10:16 ("I am sending you out like sheep amoung wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves." In other words, having wisdom of the enemy and his ways but remaining Christ like.)
3. Shame is satan's stamp of approval. (If you are ashamed of something you have done, said or thought, that is a sure sign that it is sin)
4. God created man to walk with Him, not hide from Him.
5. God's provision always matches our need.

This was all pretty deep and I am still absorbing some of this information. Mostly, this gave me hope to know that God is there, His promises are real. And because of who He is, He cannot break His promises. His purpose for creating man is the same today as it was when Adam took his first breath. We are given this life to choose between God and ourselves. He wants our love and worship to be honest and pure. Of course He could have created us to be born loving Him but it means more to Him for us to choose to love Him.

I am anxious to see what this week's homework will reveal!

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TracieClaiborne said...

Awesome again! This study rocks!

I love how you said God holds to His promises. I've been thinking about that and how so many people say, "well God wouldn't send me to Hell, he's a loving God." They don't realize that he made promises to us in the Bible. He is a just God, a righteous God and a fair God and He keeps to His word.

Not that what I just said is really related to what you just said but I thought it was important enough to mention. LOL!

Love you so much girlie!!!