Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Is it Spring?

It is the first of January and it is almost 70 degrees outside. I have been putting away the Christmas decorations, organizing and cleaning for the past two days. I thought to myself, "Is this spring cleaning?" I guess it is more fitting that this is the start of a new year and I am trying to get my act together. I wasn't ready to put away the Christmas stuff but now that I have, it feels good to have it put away. I've sort of reorganized my scrap area. Now I just have to actually do something! I have a pile of photos I need to organize first and 15 rolls of film to get developed! Another reason to go digital but buying a new camera and printer is not in the budget for right now. I probably won't get any scrappin' done until next week when Courtney goes back to school. She is so ready! I've actually enjoyed not having to get up and out the door early in the morning!
Before you think I'm on top of things here cleaning and stuff. I do have some motivation. Mark's family is coming over Friday night for his birthday so I have to clean for that. Mark made the comment once that he didn't mind people coming over because that got me to clean and declutter the house! I will say that I do feel better when the house is clean and everything is in it's place! In case you were wondering, I didn't get that house elf for Christmas so I'm having to do all this work myself!


TracieClaiborne said...

I was being nosey the other day around your desk and noticed all those rolls of film. I cracked up!! Won't you be glad when Wolf opens near us? I can't wait!

Let's plan a scrap day for next week after Courtney gets out of school.

Hollye said...

I know what you mean about the weather! It's crazy. My mother moved here from Texas over the holidays and we kept telling her how cold it was going to be. We get home and it is in the 70's! What is up with that!?

Too funny about the film. I have a point and shoot that I carry around once in awhile, but 99.9% of the time I use my digital. I've been carrying around a roll of film to be developed for about 2 months. Luckily I got a coupon for free developing the other day.