Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Here we go....

I guess we are going to jump onto this Blog band wagon. I have no idea what we will post about or who read it. But we will try to have fun along the way!

As of today, Mark and I are 34, Jessica is 17 (for 3 months and 25 days, do you think she is counting?), Courtney is 5 and Kirsten is 18 months.

Jessica is in her second week of band camp. These have been the hottest days of this summer so far. Those kids have worked hard and have most of the show on the field. We are excited about this year! We'll keep you posted!

Courtney started first grade yesterday. I had prepared myself for her being nervous and not wanting me to leave her but we had none of that! Kirsten and I had lunch with her and she was very happy and seemed comfortable with everything. Kirsten on the other hand has surprised me. She walked around the house all day yesterday, whining, "Cory! Cory!" Today has been a little better but she still misses her. They have played really well this summer.

Mark is settling into his new job. He is going to have to go out of town this week. Hopefully, there won't be much of that.

I met with a design client today who is building a new house. I am designing her cabinetry for the kitchen, bathrooms and family room. This is the kind of project I enjoy the most.

That is a summary of our current events. More to come soon!

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TracieClaiborne said...

Woo-hoo! You have a blog! Well finally I will be able to keep up with you! I loved reading both your posts - I feel bad for Kirstin. I'm sorry I didn't ask you about Courtney, it's been a crazy week. I did wonder about how it went, I just didn't ask you!