Monday, August 22, 2005

She's crafty!

If I've heard "I'm bored" once this summer, I've heard it a thousand times. Courtney is going through a stage where every minute of her waking hours needs to be filled with doing something. I'm trying to teach her the joy of just sitting and enjoying the peace and quiet but I'm not having much luck there.

One of her favorite things to do is anything crafty. Right after saying, "I'm bored", she will say, "Can we do a craft?" I had actually planned to do several crafts this summer but I think we ended up doing only 3 -4 of the things I had actually planned. One reason it frustrates me to do a craft project is that I don't plan ahead and then I don't have the supplies we need. This past Saturday, I actually did a little planning and picked up some things at the store. We belong to a Strawberry Shortcake craft book club and we just got a new book with this craft idea. So, Courtney made a marshmallow "Pupcake" dog with a graham cracker/peanut butter dog house. It was pretty quick and fun enough to satisfy her creative itch. Then she ate it all up!

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TracieClaiborne said...

Too cute! I guess that's why Caroline and Courtney are best friends. They both love crafts! Caroline calls it a "project." She'd rather do a project than eat.