Wednesday, June 07, 2006

11 days!

I have started going through drawers, closets and cabinets to see what we have and what we will need. Yesterday I went through the medicines and first aid items. Throw out a bunch of stuff that had expired and made a list of things we need to buy. Not too much, fortunatly!

I have inventoried my clothing situation. Not good! I have zero shorts that fit. I don't usually weart shorts. In fact I don't think I even tried any on last summer. I guess that's why I didn't know the ones I have don't fit! I feel like the heat is going to be so bad that I'm going to want shorts. I'm still thinking on this one! I'm also trying to decide about the best shoes for all of us to wear. Any suggestions?

I cleaned out a drawer in my dresser (from all those shorts and t-shirts that don't fit) and have started filling it with "surprises" for the trip. Courtney and Kirsten each have a new bag and I have been picking up little things here and there. Books, movies, activities, etc. Hopefully for the drive down, I won't need to entertain them much. We'll be driving over night. I'm hoping they will sleep most of the way. But the drive home will be during the day, so I need to be prepared. I have also picked up some Disney themed t-shirts to save us from buying any there. I need to find one for me and Mark.

I've been studying the park maps this morning, trying to come up with a good plan! At least a good plan for us! I need to take a shower and go out to run some errands. Not feeling like it though!

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TracieClaiborne said...

I have never seen you so stressed out about anything before!

Take a breath.


It's all good! Just get there and try not to "plan" every minute. Just have fun! You can't see everything - just see what you can!