Monday, June 26, 2006

Disney Report - Day 3

Animal Kingdom!

It was a bit easier getting to this park than Magic Kingdom so the day seemed to start on a less hectic pace. It didn't seem to be as hot either. Mark and Jessica headed to Mount Everest to get their fast passes while the girls and I headed to find some characters. We were at the front of the line for Donald and he was very funny! The girls got a kick out of seeing him perform. Then we watched the Pocahontas show. It was very good!

While Mark and Jessica went to ride Everest. The girls and I went on one of the animal walking trails. We saw various birds, some HUGE bats, a member of the ape family, some members of the deer family and tigers. I was surprised that we actually got to see any of them considering the heat and time of day. Then we went on the safari as a family. This was really neat. We rode in a jeep like vehicle and got really good views of various animals. Hippos, rinos, giraffas, a lion and some others I don't remember! After the safari, we saw the gorillas then came the one rain shower of the week. I really expected it to rain more and this shower lasted about an hour. It was not very pleasant after the rain stopped so I'm glad it didn't rain anymore!

Again, the highlight of the day was the parade. Disney really knows how to put on a show!

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