Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The countdown

Only 5 more days! Excitement is mounting here. Actually the girls are staying pretty calm, considering. We are using our refrigerator magnets to countdown the days. They love changing the number every morning. I think this is actually keeping their anticipation at bay.

I've done laundry today. I have gone throught their books and toys and pulled out all the Disney related items to take with us. I'm thinking a Disney barbie might be a good choice for Courtney as her souvenir. Out of her 20 (yikes) Barbies, only one of them is a Disney Princess. How can that be?

I have a thing about souvenirs. I'm not a fan of a lot of little things. We'll probably get postcards and pressed pennies. But I think one special souvenir is better than a bunch of little ones. I'm thinking of looking for a new purse/bag for myself. Jessica needs a new watch so that would be a good thing to look for.

Anyway, time to cook supper!

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