Thursday, September 29, 2005

Our new favorite CD

It is "Here Come The ABC'S" by They Might Be Giants. This CD is so much fun. Courtney got a CD player for her room for her birthday. We had heard snipets of this CD on Nick Jr. and we are tired of all the usual CD's for kids. How many different versions of The Wheels on the Bus can one person take!?
Anyway, this CD's content is based on the alphabet but it is very hip. The girls are in their room listening to it right now. Kirsten even listened to it some the other day while Courtney was at school. She is starting to sing along. Of course it's like all the other songs she sings to, its usually just the first word and last word of a phrase that she mananges to get out. Any recommendations out there for some great kids CD's?
Here is a list of the song titles:
1. Here Come the ABCs
2. Alphabet of Nations
3. E Eats Everything
4. Flying V
5. Q U
6. Go for G!
7. Pictures of Pandas Painting
8. D & W
9. Fake-Believe
10. Can You Find It?
11. The Vowel Family
12. Letter/Not a Letter
13. Alphabet Lost and Found
14. I C U
15. Letter Shapes
16. Who Put the Alphabet in Alphabetical Order?
17. Rolling O
18. L M N O
19. C Is for Conifers
20. Fake-Believe (Type B)
21. D Is for Drums
22. Z y X
23. Goodnight My Friends
Bonus Tracks
24. Clap Your Hands (this is one of my favorites)
25. Here in Higglytown (Theme to Playhouse Disney's Higglytown Heroes)


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TracieClaiborne said...

Too cute!!! I'll have to check that out!

I recommend Kenny Loggins kids CD's and Collin Raye's. They both rock.