Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Thursday looks good!

Thursdays forcast has me excited! I love 70 degree weather. Cozy clothes, hot tea and open windows. Friday looks good too. We are going to the football game and it will feel perfect for a game! Hot chocolate here I come. Except the hot chocolate there is not the best but it will taste good that night.
Mark says we should live in San Diego so I could have this kind of weather all the time. I might get tired of it all the time. One of the reasons I love living in Tennessee is the change of seasons. This extremely hot summer will make me appreciate the fall and winter even more. I'm hoping for some snow this year. A deep freeze will make me long for those hot summer days again.
This entry gives a glimpse into my personality. I don't like getting into a rut. I couldn't have a job where I did the same thing, all day, everyday. One thing that pulled me into design was the fact that every client would be different, every project unique. I probably drive myself crazy trying to make each project unique! There all certain elements that are similiar and I do have a process that I follow for each job.
Scrapbooking has the same appeal. Each layout is a new opportunity. Each set of pictures has its own story to tell. Maybe this new weather pattern will give me the push to do something creative! I know I will enjoy wrapping up in a sweater and airing out the house.

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TracieClaiborne said...

I'm ready too! I spent today buying Caroline clothes and then when I saw the forecast you posted, I realized, I need some! Yikes! LOL

You should make your own hot chocolate and put it in a thermos and take with you. The recipe off the Hershey's cocoa can is what I use and it's delicious!