Monday, September 26, 2005

Refreshing weekend

I was able to go to a women's conference this weekend in Knoxville with 7 other ladies from my church. It is unbelievable what mountains have to be moved and orchestrated for us to get out of town for more than 24 hours. We left on Friday at 11:00 am and returned on Saturday at 5:00 pm. We rented a brand new Suburban which was very nice! We actually went to Knoxville and back on one tank of gas! Of course that tank cost $80.00 but still I thought that was really good!
The conference featured Beth Moore. I wish I could live with this woman for about a month and just soak in her knowledge and attitude. She is a great storyteller, very passionate and unquestionably anointed by God. She lives in Houston, so with Rita coming this past weekend, just her story of how she got out of there is proof God is working through her.
Her lesson this weekend was on Loving Well. Meaning loving others with the love of God. I personally have been praying for the ability to love this way so it was uplifting to hear her speak on this. I just wish she could have talked for at least another day!
If you have the opportunity, please pick up one of her books or better yet, attend one of her Bible studies. You have to see her in person (or on video) to get the full affect of her love of God.
If anyone wants more info, I'll be more than glad to share in person. I could go on for days!


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TracieClaiborne said...

Oooh I want more info. I've been praying for that very thing regularly. You'll have to fill me in. I'm glad you got a get-away!